8 Week Sessions
Each session of SB Swimming is 8 weeks.  Two weeks will be spent focusing on each of the four strokes.  Our focus is on making sure that swimmers are swimming with proper technique before adding distance.  
Weeks 1-2 - Freestyle Focus
Weeks 3-4 Backstroke Focus
Weeks 5-6 Breaststroke Focus
Weeks 7-8 Fly/IM Focus

Class Times
We offer four classes each week.  You can sign up for 1, 2, or 3 days a week.  
Monday 7-8 PM
Wednesday 7-8 PM
Sunday 9-10 AM
Sunday 10-11AM

Pool Location
All classes are held at Edwards Health Club in 7 bridges.  The pool water is warm which the swimmers love!  

Edward-Elmhurst Health & Fitness Center - 
Seven Bridges, 6600 IL-53, 
Woodridge, IL 60517

Swimmers are broken up into 3 groups based on ability.  Groups are fluid in the program and swimmers might switch groups depending upon the stroke focus for a class.   Siblings of different ability can swim in the same class and all get what they need.  

Group 1
- This group is for swimmers that can comfortably swim freestyle and backstroke.  The group will work on refining free and back and will introduce swimmers to breaststroke and fly.   Proper starts and turns will also be introduced.  The majority of practice will be spent on drills to improve stroke technique.  

Group 2
- This group is able to swim all four strokes, but might not be perfect or legal with all strokes.  This group will spend about 50% of the class on technique drills and 50% of the time working on improving swimming strength and endurance.  

Group 3
- This group is able to swim all four strokes legally and comfortable with all turns.  Stroke and turn technique will be refined, but swimmers will spend most of practice working on swimming strength and endurance as well as race strategy.   

One Day Registration - $145
Two Day Registration - $ 255
Three Day Registration - $360
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