The program will place swimmers with swimmers of like abilities.  Below is a summary of each level.  Groups will be based on ability, but I put a recommended age as a guideline.

Level 1:
- Swimmers need work developing the basic skills of swimming.  They will focus 
on developmental skills for freestyle and backstroke.  Breaststroke and butterfly 
will also be introduced.  Swimmers should be able to swim at least 4 laps to enter 
the program.  
-Recommended ages 6-8

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Level 2: 
  - Swimmers must be comfortable swimming multiple lengths of the pool. This group will teach proper technique for all four strokes. Group will focus primarily on drills to improve swimming technique, but swimmers will also develop endurance and speed. 
  -Recommended for ages 9-10
Level 3:
- This group is for swimmers that can swim all four strokes competitively. We will spend 50% of the time focusing on drills and 50% of the time working on swimming endurance and speed. We will be working on refining all four strokes, turns, starts and race strategy.  
- Recommended for ages 11 and up.  

Each session is 8 weeks long (look at the calendar for the dates of each session). We will spend 2 weeks focusing in on each of the four strokes
Weeks 1,2 - Freestyle Focus
Weeks 3,4 - Backstroke Focus
Weeks 5,6 - Breaststroke Focus
Weeks 7,8 - Butterfly Focus

1 day a week - $130 per session
2 days a week - $225 per session
3 day a week - $300 per session